April 22nd, 2012


One hour (Inspector Morse)

Ich habe in einem fremden Fandom gewildert ... aber ich mußte einfach, nachdem ich die Morse-Episode gesehen habe.

Rating: P 6
Genre: Friendship
Summary: Fix-It ficlet for the end of "Promised Land" (post ep). They have been stuck together for days on end. It has been a very depressing case for Morse. And Australia doesn't agree with him.
word count: 531
Warnings: I'm no native speaker.
Beta: veradee - thank you!  ♥ All remaining faults are my own.
A/N: I used a bit of the original dialogue in the beginning. And for those of you who don't remember, the "original" end has Morse looking after Lewis and then walking up the stairs to the opera all alone while Der Rosenkavalier is being played in the background: "Hab ich mir gelobt, ihn lieb zu haben / In der richtigen Weis'" ("I promised myself to love him, the real way" - very roughly translated). This should really have been slash ...

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