January 8th, 2014

Lewis / Hathaway and two pints

Fancy positions

Eigentlich wollte ich was für mine Bingokarte tun, aber meine Kreativität ist momentan quasi nichtexistent :( Naja, und dann habe ich dieses alte Teil gefunden, und gestern habe ich "Lewis" gesehen, und so führte eins zum anderen ...

Rating: > 14
Genre: Slash, est. relationship, humour
Warnings: unbetad and I'm no native Speaker. Feel free to correct my faults (in fact that would be nice),
A/N: I guess I'm not the first one to have written this. And others might have done better. But so what ...
Wordcount: 166 - I gave up trying to make a drabble out of this one, it's hard enough to write in english ;)

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