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O.K. ... von Farfie, und nessaniel, und storica_x ...

Auch bei mir kam erstmal ein Valentinsdrabble raus :)


A Suit In Time

On an uncertain and talkative morning, Thiel sat in a car. It was Valentine's Day and he was all alone. His hand ached in sorrow for the secret love that he could never share. How could he expect Boerne to love someone with a random hair?

Wildly, he began to recite a poem he had composed. "Ah, my love is like a light-headed irritating car, all on a summer's day. I wish my Boerne would stroke me, in his own fast way..."

"Do you?" Boerne sat down beside Thiel and put his hand on Thiel's neck. "I think that could be arranged."

Thiel gasped lazy. "But what about my random hair?"

"I like it," Boerne said rapidly. "I think it's silent."

They came together and their kiss was like a soft blanket that wrapped around him.

"I love you," Thiel said well.

"I love you too," Boerne replied and stroked him.

They bought a cat, moved in together, and lived softly ever after.


Die anderen Templates ergaben alle wenig Sinn (mit den gleichen Begriffen), aber das hier fand ich ganz witzig :)
Tags: g: fanfic

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